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MCS CERTIFIED ON 17th JULY 2008 (MCS 1070) Solar PV and TH
(Certificate of approval – Microgeneration Technologies)

084 5470 5060

Solar PV systems - 4kW from £5,450, (price dependent on specification and extra requirements over basic system), systems up to 50kW p.o.a.

Solar Thermal Systems from £3,250 (existing cylinder), 2 panel evacuated tube hot water system with 180 litre cylinder, twin line pump station and controls; approximately £3950.00 fully commissioned and MCS certified

Finesse Energy Ltd is one of the UK government's recommended and accredited companies specializing in the installation of the very latest solar thermal hot water heating systems and solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems.

Finesse Energy installs cost effective, reliable, and long lasting solar installations for a wide range of requirements, helping you to reduce your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, for all the latest news on the new feed in tariff scheme for Solar Electricity go to the NEWS section of this website.

With over 10,000 panels installed over the South and with more experience than over 97% of the industry, Finesse Energy installs Solar PV and TH systems for Housing Associations, Farmers, Hotels, Group Associations, Architects, Developers, and domestic properties.

Every pre-installation survey includes a tailored energy rating and output assessment including detailed shading calculations and 3D presentations when required to assist you in assessing what your realistic solar energy contribution could be. In other words, we help you work out how much money you can save. With hundreds of customers local to you with up to four years of output results on their Finesse Energy systems, we can prove it.

We are one of the few Government accredited companies to be accredited for BOTH solar thermal (Hot water), and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems.

Our solar systems use the latest technology and are designed specifically for our climate. We also supply and install many other energy efficiency measures such as LED light fittings, VPhase Voltage optimisers, Immersun energy management systems, (diverting your exported PV electricity rather than export to grid), various monitoring control systems, Heat pumps and more.

You could save up to 60% off your hot water bill and up to £850 a year off your electricity bill for a  4kW Solar PV (electricity) system

For information on the new grants and Feed in Tariffs, for qualified advice and for a free no obligation suitability survey, contact now. Finesse Energy – Passionate about Solar



  • Always get more than one quote
  • NEVER sign on the first visit from any company - be wary of anyone dropping a price for 'on the night' signing. Whatever price you are quoted on the day will not go 'up' later.
  • Expect a fully detailed quotation to include Official SAP calculations, shading analysis demonstrated, structural roof and fixings guide, full details of exact products quoted for including warranty details etc, details of underwritten guarantees, proof of deposit protected accounts, details of handover pack, references (i.e. Check-a-trade or similar), Office and storage facilities address, customer recommendations (preferably over 1 year old), company qualifications and MCS details.
  • Check the detailed quotes by comparison carefully, some cheaper quotes are cheaper for a reason.
  • Check that all companies comply to the REAL code of practice - report a problem